Student Club

The Student Club is a mainly social club for students in Year 7-10. Once a term, students in the club are provided with the opportunity to spend time socially with each other. The Club has been in operation for over 10 years, and is run by parents from the parish, and more recently along with the parish Youth Minister.

The Club is open to students who have been confirmed at OLF Kingsgrove Parish, as well as students who attended OLF Primary School. Confirmed students automatically become part of the club. Those who attended OLF Primary School but were not confirmed with their classmates need to register with the club. Membership involves receiving information once or twice a term on all the activities that the students can participate in.

Students can expect to be involved in Jamberoo, rock climbing, ice-skating, bowling, horse riding, Basketball, Luna Park, canoeing or indoor go-karting. Once a term, the Student Club also holds a Dance Party to raise funds which subsidise all activities.


What did one of our members have to say about our Luna Park outing on 20th May 2007?

Ferris wheels, Rotor, Ranger, are some of the crazy rides the youth group went on. On the 20th of May, Student Club went to *drum rolls* LUNA PARK! We waited for everyone to gather at the Clune Centre, and everyone that came had an ENORMOUS smile on their face, knowing that their day was going to be filled with laughter and happiness! I paid 15 dollars for a fun day out! How cheap! And knowing me I love bargains! The 15 dollars included food from the parents and also *another drum roll* THE ENTRY TO LUNA PARK! UNLIMITED RIDES!

As the last of us arrived in front of the Clune Centre, we set off to Luna Park via train. Everyone was hyped and pumped for the day ahead, and before you could say "Luna Park!" we were all walking through the enormous mouth of the Luna Park entrance. Everyone was excited to go on rides! And finally we did! Everyone tried to face their fears and tried to go on all the rides!

At the end of the day everyone was tired and I am pretty sure had loads of fun! Thank you to the parents who came with us and to Anneliese for organising a FANTABULISTIC day!

You want to experience the ride of your life on the ranger? Want to feel like you're as light as a feather on the rotor? Want to have and awesome time with all your close friends? Well... Too bad... You JUST missed out! But, if you want to participate in any of these activities and have a fun day out why don't you talk to our lovely youth minister Anneliese or come to JAM sessions every second Friday, and she'll give you all the details! Trust me all the activities are great fun and you won't regret joining Student Club or JAM!

By Nia Subrata with a little bit of Stella Santoso's help =p