Jesus and Me (JAM)

NOTE: JAM is on a hiatus at the moment.

Jesus And Me started in Kingsgrove in 2005. It is a youth group for students in Year 7-10, and is connected to the Student Club. JAM Sessions are held every second Friday night during the school term in the Clune Centre from 7pm until 9pm. JAM Sessions are run by the JAM Team, a group of dedicated young Catholics who are passionate about sharing faith to the students. Each night, the JAM Team presents a theme to the students, presented in a fun and insightful way. The cost of the session is just $2 per session, and includes a light snack.

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What do some of our JAMsters have to say about JAM?

Hello, welcome to the friendly community of the JAMsters. JAM, standing for Jesus and Me, is a gathering for youths held on every second Friday night of the school term, from 7pm to 9pm.

The professional leaders of JAM organize this event for youths like us so that we can learn about the many important aspects of life, and learn about the presence of Jesus, and the way to live a good life.

We learn in such a fun way that you wouldn't even consider it a lecture or a lesson to learn, but more like a time when teenagers can meet to have fun, play games and socialize, and all of us form a great big pleasant community.

Not only do we have these get together sessions every fortnight, there is also a JAM mass held on every second Sunday of the month, which is run by the JAM leaders for us JAMsters, when we do all the helping around in the church-the ministry and the musical performances. It is a really fun and memorable time, because we get to have a go at what normally only the adults can do.

There is also a SUPER FUN activity held twice per school term which we get to experience, for example, the first time we went to Ice Skating, and had lots of fun, and the second time was GO KART RACING. There are always surprises popping out everywhere!!

If you want to be part of this super awesome and wonderful JAM culture, then just come along and come join in the fun with us! - Clara and Felix