Fair Trade Ministry

This Ministry was established about 1985 to promote the concept of Fair Trade as one way that we can help our international neighbours. This is not about charity, but getting a better deal for farmers and workers in the developing world. In Kingsgrove we sell Trade Winds tea and coffee as an example of fair trade products. Tradewinds is a not for profit organisation, established in 1977, to import fairly traded products. It has forged partnerships with companies and co-ops in Sri Lanka, East Timor, Colombia and Papua New Guinea.

The idea of Fair Trade is to pay a fair price for goods from developing countries so that the producers can improve their position and have more control over their lives.

Buying Fair Trade products means we return more profits to the local companies and co-operatives based in low-income countries, and bypass the multinationals. Local people get fairer prices for their commodities and more employment opportunities, plus they get the benefit of the more profitable processing and packaging side of trade. The workers also get better working conditions, and become more skilled. We, in turn, get modestly priced, high quality, organically grown products.

Trade Winds coffee and tea is available for sale on the second weekend of each month, after Mass. The stall is staffed by volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, or just finding out more about the issues, please contact the Parish Office on 9150 9665 and we will return your call.